We’re a team of negotiators, analysts, and creatives, who research and influence human decision-making through a portfolio of products and services.

Our consulting service. We support negotiations, we build partnerships, and craft external communications to influence how markets operate.

Our qualitative research service. We gain access, build trust, and elicit insights of our clients’ most valuable customers and to support product development, business strategy, and communications.

Our solution for leadership meetings. Tailored, facilitated programs of scenario-based strategy and innovation exercises that get market strategies developed, products designed, and teams aligned.

Our offsite venue and event space. Designed to offer corporate, government, and non-profit leadership teams a cost-effective, grounded environment in which to hold meaningful meetings.

Our speaking agency that represents a diverse roster of speakers covering a wide range of talks relevant to how humans see the world and make choices.

You can read more of our work here. For questions, bookings, critiques, ideas, please email us at hello@envoyportfolio.com.