The Portfolio

A collection of entities that support companies, governments, and NGOs seeking to better understand human decision-making and to influence the way societies and markets function.

A discreet firm of negotiators and analysts who gather qualitative market intelligence, support negotiations, develop new products, and craft external communications. Clients are typically CEOs or executives responsible for growth, innovation, or strategy.

Facilitated scenario-based strategy and innovation tools to support strategic planning, product development, and negotiation prep. The exercises can be deployed individually, integrated as part of an in-house program, or combined to create a multi-day leadership retreat. Clients are typically leaders seeking to stretch the thinking of their teams.

An understated East Coast urban retreat venue designed to offer corporate, government, and non-profit leadership teams a cost-effective, flexible environment in which to shape strategy, negotiate difficult issues, and generate new ideas. Clients are typically event planners or those assisting leaders in planning retreats.

An agency that represents a contemporary roster of speakers covering a wide range of talks relevant to current business and social challenges. Clients are typically event planners or conference committee members seeking talks or breakout sessions for conferences or retreats.

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