Working Here

We’re often asked what it’s like to work here.. Here’s the bullet point version:

  • We’re focused on creating a great place to do great work rather than a great place to work. They’re different. Reflect on that a little before considering working for us.

  • Feedback consists of unvarnished truth/opinion. We don’t have time for fluff, and we think it’s more respectful to give hard and frank than couched and soft.

  • Our clients expect world-class support so we only hire world class talent.  

  • By the way, one way you know your world class is you defer to other’s expertise often - you can’t be world class at a lot of things.

  • We don’t have internal team meetings. There’s no team building. Or trust falls. Or social committees.  If you like the people you work with, take them for a drink.   But the firm doesn’t organize your fun.

  • The initiatives we work on are sensitive, hard, ambiguous, and complex.  Your job is to deliver outcomes that outflank client challenges or go smartly through them. A report is not an outcome, it’s an output. An outcome is significant change in a market place or government action.

  • We provide good health insurance.  We pay you a good salary.  We pay for an independent financial adviser to counsel you on what you do with that money. Beyond that, it’s none of our business.

  • Regarding a good salary, you could probably earn more somewhere else.

  • Our work is confidential. Deeply confidential.  You won’t get to show off to your friends about it.  The satisfaction comes from the inherent satisfaction of the work.

  • Our clients are, by nature, brilliant, demanding, difficult, and under stress.  Our job is to support them and (figuratively) bodyguard them. That means sometimes saying no when they want a yes. And delivering what they don’t think is possible.

  • We don’t care about your fancy degree.  We have those already, and not convinced they’re an indicator of brilliance. If you didn’t make it out of high school, but you have a history of delivering great work - you’re as qualified as the individual with the undergrad from the Sorbonne with a postgrad from Stanford and the PhD from Oxford.

  • As we mentioned Oxford, we use the Oxford comma, and rarely use exclamation marks. See early commentary re discreet and understated.

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 17.33.28.png

This note is designed to dissuade most from applying for roles with us.  And encourage a small few.  We’re never hiring and always hiring.  Drop us a note anytime. But be clear in what you want, and why.

Be warned. Once you work here, you’ll become addicted to the work. We’re lucky to work on the initiatives our clients bring to us.