Journey Mapping

Great conversation this week with a competitor firm that delivers the same outcomes as ourselves, but through entirely different methodology.

There are various ways to map a "customer journey" in a marketplace. Whether a B2C consumer or a B2B client.  

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 16.08.02.png


We, typically, bring a negotiation and behavioural economic approach to the challenge.  We map out our client's baseline logical "target journey" i.e. the experiences and steps that a target client or customer will have if they logically choose your product/service. This is the horizontal "base line".  What a customer logically should do.

Against this, we go into the field and map what targets are actually doing.  And track those choices that lead to greater engagement with our client's product/service or disengagement with it.  The point at which the journey crosses from positive to negative is our "intervention opportunity".   We identify the dynamic that's leading the target to choose an alternate journey - whether a product attribute, price, emotion, perception, corruption - and recommend an intervention to get the decision back on track. The intervention can range from product design change to a marketing campaign or a business model switch.  We then pilot the change, confirm it's a "fix" and move onto the next intervention priority. 

That's it.  Hard, but not complex.