New Homemakers Workshop Kickoff at Canvas

new homemakers.png

Canvas is thrilled to be the Host Sponsor for the first stop of the New Homemakers National Tour on September 6th, 2019. Erin Helland and Lee Pera of the New Homemakers will take on 16 cities in 4 weeks in their self-built, converted camper van as they travel to help women better navigate the home improvement and renovation process. First stop: Canvas.


Curious to know what it’s like to build and live in a tiny home? Join us to learn about what tiny houses are, where you can build and place them in the region, the building and zoning codes that apply to them, and the pros and cons of tiny house living. Sign up here.

Looking to lease your place out long term? Want to host guests for short-term stays for extra income?

Sharing or leasing space in your home is a great way to make ends meet, but it can be hard to know where to get started. Whether you are going to lease all or part of your place, or use an app for short or long term stays, this workshop will highlight best practices to better prepare you for being a responsible landlord or host while sharing your sanctuary with strangers. Sign up here.

After the event, we invite you to stick around for a relaxed Open House from 12:30-2:00pm of Canvas. Additionally, get an understanding of the incredible green build materials offered from Eco Supply Center, learn about the vast architectural salvage supply at Caravatis, and enjoy a meet-and-greet with Erin and Lee of the New Homemakers.


    Designed by women, for women, open to all.

    Are you looking for a home and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of a rehab? Do you own, and want to educate yourself before engaging contractors on a renovation project?

    Created in response to a rising demographic of single women homeowners, this workshop is for all individuals who want to gain a better understanding of home improvement and construction management, with a focus on making residential renovation and rehab more approachable for women. Participants will learn about the building process from start to finish, while developing a plan for navigating wants versus needs. Sign up here.


Follow along with the rest of the New HomeMakers 16 city tour on their website, Instagram and Facebook.