Texas Associations

We’re currently approaching Texan business associations with regard to a potential partnership with a client launching a new, disruptive product to the state. Texas, as the behemoth of land and economy it is, represents the diversity we’re looking for to disrupt this industry. If you hear from us, we’ll be looking to know what the main priorities of your members are, and how we might provide education or sponsorship resources to help.

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Journey Mapping

Great conversation this week with a competitor firm that delivers the same outcomes as ourselves, but through entirely different methodology.

There are various ways to map a "customer journey" in a marketplace. Whether a B2C consumer or a B2B client.  

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Strategy as a Negotiation

One of the most over-used and misinterpreted words in the English - whether British, American, Indian, Canadian, Australian form of the language - is the word "Strategy".  Consultants tie themselves in knots over defining it and justifying the high bills of their time and their research. Corporate leaders spend vast amounts of time holding meetings about it.  "Strategy" isn't it's own discipline.  And "strategy-making" isn't an activity, it's really a synonym for what's really going on - a negotiation over scarce resources.

Strategy describes how an organization will achieve ends (goals) through the allocation of the means (resources) available to it. 

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Envoy SummitsScott Wayne
Rebelle Community Comes to Canvas

Gone are the days of working in a single career for 30 years and retiring with a pension. Knowing this, it is still taboo to make a major pivot in career or life. Luckily, taboo topics are never off limits for us.

Join the Rebelle Community at The Market by Canvas for some 'real talk" with women who have made pivots in their careers and their lives and have absolutely NO SHAME in moving on.

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Reading for Ambiguous Times

We were asked recently, after one of our talks on negotiation, whether a negotiation program at an eminent business school was worth the investment.  While we're never going to argue against investing in education, as pre-work we pointed them to some great reading.  We're frequently asked to recommend authors.  For these times when we need resolutions to many conflicted issues, here's a quick rundown of homework reading.

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BooksScott Wayne
LaunchPad brings Boys & Girls Club to Canvas

What does it take for a seemingly unmotivated high school student to pursue a project to completion?  Teachers and parents often speak disdain of teens who abandon ideas, school work, or tasks given to them and it's easy to then say: kids are just irresponsible.  

This summer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond along with Journey Learning Labs, piloted a program called “LaunchPad” to test the assumption that teens are just irresponsible. 

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