You know how your market operates;
Now you wish to influence it.

There are many great consulting firms that can crunch the quant data and tell you what your customers are doing. Our role is to provide on the ground insights into why your customers are making those choices.

Negotiation Support: We provide clients with in-person and remote support to negotiations that range from M&A, business development, strategic alliances, and political agreements. Our analysts provide intelligence on the stakeholders, our creatives design the discussion materials and briefings, and our negotiators provide hands on support to guide clients to a successful outcome.

Partnership Building: Our team identifies, approaches, and facilitates partnerships on behalf of clients seeking to enter new markets, collaborate on new products, or deliver greater market impact through strategic partnerships.

External Communications: We craft the message and materials that authentically represent our clients’ outreach to their stakeholders. We ensure those messages land with key decision-makers.

Read some of latest notes on our outcomes work below. Or just drop us a note and we can set up a time to talk.