the creatives

In support of our work, we draw on a body of creative talent to bring our research, strategy, communications and negotiation work to life. Each member of this “collective” works with us regularly in either a fractional or a project format, but is also available to take work directly should you prefer. They independent creatives interwoven with us around our common passion of incrementally improving human choices.


diego valdez

Director of Photography. Diego has been part of the team working on projects across the globe. An enormously talented photographer and documentary film-makers. Diego’s work touches nearly every project and initiative we work on.

Nationality: Bolivian/US. Languages: English, Spanish.

Based: Washington, DC


chris porter

Graphic designer. We’ve collaborated for years with Chris on projects. Creative, diligent, patient, and all round great guy. If you’ve downloaded a guide from any of our research projects, or experienced a mock-up of a product concept, or reviewed a strategy guide, it likely had Chris’ touch to it.

Nationality: US. Languages: English

Based: Richmond, VA


Jesica kim

Graphic Designer. LA-based “JK” is a Korean-American designer. While she has her BFA in Industrial Design from RISD, she’s as passionate about paper as she is about industrial design. She’s the logo designer for one of our entities, and you’ll find her work embedded across product concepting projects for clients.

Nationality: US-Korean. Languages: English, Korean, Spanish

Based: Los Angeles, CA


keith ramsey

If you’ve ever visited us at Canvas, it’s impossible for you not to have experienced the work of Keith Ramsey. An artist with a welding torch, whether sitting at the Canvas backyard bar, or books from the hand-made shelves in the yard, or the many experiential sets, he’s built - you’ll find Keith’s vision across our work.

Nationality: US. Languages: English

Based: Richmond, Va


clair morgan

Podcast production, original music composition, media production. You’ll frequently find Clair using the Canvas Studio as he works with his clients to ensure enthralling audio for their communications. A long history with the team, the ‘audio” element of our family. And the only member of the team still performing in a band…

Nationality: US Languages: English.

Based: Richmond, VA


kristen walinski

Content development, ghost writing, corporate voice-finder. If we’ve published a document on a client’s behalf it likely has Kristen’s scripting. A former attorney, she brings a through mind to clarity of message and making the case with the written word.

Nationality: US. Languages: English

Based: Richmond, VA