Hi. you’re looking for charitable support.

Hi there. We’ve likely sent you this page as you’ve pinged us with a terrific request for support of a great organization. This is our polite way of declining to make a donation or to sponsor, but also mentioning what we can do to support.

Subsidized Meeting And Event Space

As you likely know the core of our work is bringing people together. We decided a couple of years ago that we’d dedicate all of our charitable donations into investing into a space that non-profit groups could rent at significantly below market rates to develop strategy, do trainings, or hold charitable fundraisers. That space - CANVAS - is now built and operating with heavily subsidized rates for non-profit groups. If you’d like to reserve the space, or have an enquiry, just fill out the contact form. You can see all the rates clearly and transparently on each of the space pages. We provide a 25% discount on all the published rates. There’s no lock in for caterers or upcharges for wifi etc.

Speakers For Your Event

We provide an allocation of time for speakers to speak without fee to leadership groups and events. You can see our speakers here. If you’d like to enquire about their availability, and whether your non-profit aligns with their pro-bono interests, drop us a note. We charge only for their travel expenses on these occasions.

Why We Don’t Give Anything Away For Free?

The core of our businesses operate in understanding human decision making. And one of the critical tenets of shifting behavior outcomes is that humans have to have “skin in the game” to appreciate value. So we prefer to offer more organizations support with a small fee than a small number of organizations something for free - there ‘s a raft of Nobel-prize winning work that proves that this approach maximises social impact. Yes, we’re nerds.

Good luck with your program. We hope we can support as outlined above.

  • The Envoy Portfolio Team